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KinderMat Rest Mats Sheets and Blankets Classroom Seating Cushions
Art & Play Time Necessities
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Kids Art Apron- Long Sleeve KinderSmock KinderSmock- Long Sleeve

Keep everyone clean and mess free with our full cover art apron!
Starting at $7.95

use these KinderMat Mess Mats to keep spills in check during play and meal time! Mess Mats

Create a worry free work environment, keep floors and tabletops safe with these vinyl water resistant mess mats
Starting at $9.75

Basic KinderMat Rest Mat Basic KinderMat

Compact, lightweight, and the perfect rest time companion
Starting at $11.95

Choose between 2 sizes of light blue fitted sheets for your KinderMat KinderMat Sheets- Light Blue Fitted Sheet

Soft, machinable washable, preshrunk cotton flannel
Starting at $12.95

Toddler Size KinderMint Blanket - Extra Cozy KinderMint Blanket

Cozy up with this soft blanket; great for kids!

Blue/Gray or Pink/Blue color combinations available for KinderMat's 3/4th inch Toddler Rest Mat Toddler KinderMat

Perfect medium sized mats for Toddlers
Starting at $15.95

Choose between 4 fun prints for your KinderMat KinderMat Sheets- PillowCase style full cover sheets

Keep your KinderMats covered, and your little ones comfortable with these fun sheets!
Starting at $16.95

Kids KinderChute Parachute 6' or 12' diameter KinderChute Parachute

Everyone will have fun with these colorful parachutes, creating a great learning environment!
Starting at $19.95

Jr. Daydreamer KinderMat Rest Mat Jr. Daydreamer

Young Toddler rest mat with a little extra cushion
Starting at $21.95

KinderMat's DayDreamer Rest Mat DayDreamer

Extra length and durability is perfect for older kids and toddlers
Starting at $24.95

Casters for cots - easy moveable KinderCot Casters (4 Pack)

Four KinderCot Casters

Heavy-Duty Nap Mat from the KinderMat Collection Heavy-Duty KinderMat

Durable & Comfortable, best of both worlds!
Starting at $25.95

Designer Mat All Colors Rainbow Designer Mats

Comfortable and easy to clean! Soft vinyl non-folding rest mats

Enduro Rest Mat EnduroMat

Strongest, most durable rest mat around!
Starting at $39.95

KinderSmock Art Apron Sleeveless Sleeveless KinderSmock- 12 Pack

Get 12 top notch art smocks, art resistant, great for arts & craft time!

KinderCushions KinderCushions

Story time seating cushions
Starting at $59.95

Storage KinderMat Bus System - Light Blue KinderMat Bus

Provide mat storage with this KinderMat Bus